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Scene: sitting at a table looking at decorative walls of vibrant tomatoes, flat screen tv, waiter passes me by..uhmm that smells good!

Scene 2: would you like some salad? No thank you!

Great or not?


Bobbi Kristina

Congratulations are in order for Whitney Houston’s daughter, who just scored her first role on TV!

Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s year is really turning around! After losing her mom Whitney Houston less than two months ago, the 19-year-old aspiring performer has landed a role in Tyler Perry‘s sitcom, For Better or Worse, reports RadarOnline.

Bobbi Kristina — who told Oprah earlier this month she’s always wanted to sing and act — will be playing the daughter of a stylist who works in a salon, which is run by Angela Williams (Tasha Smith).

Tyler was one of Whitney’s closest friends and even spoke at her funeral. (Her body was also flown back to Georgia on HIS plane.) It’s so good of him to support his pal’s legacy.

No word yet on when the episode will run, but we can’t wait to see Whitney’s daughter living out her dream on the small screen. Bobbi Kristina Brown Tyler PerryLook at what God will do! Lets keep our young sister prayed up as well as other young women we know and love who have encountered hardships in life…Love is the lifeline that never quits, grows old or gets tired!

Bobbi Christiana

Today I would tell bobbi christina to always remember her mom! It’s gonna hurt, but it will be ok! And, when those days become unbeliveable think of Jennifer Hudson, who shares your joys of having a beautifuly human mother! God, please keep Bobbi K Houston Brown! Allow positive structural people into her life to promote healthly advancement. I pray for u Bobbi K daily, that your heart is peaceful and guided in the Lord.


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